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斗牛有技巧 适用一切版本,初中英语听力训练【三】(附音频及电子版)

2020-02-25 03:02

C. 28.

3. M: Oh! There's a rainbow in the sky.

M: How many bathrooms are there in it?

8. What does the man do?

B. 26.

C. Ann’s.

W: There are two bathrooms in it. Both of them are nice .



C. A sportsman

B. On foot

A. The classroom

A. Tired.

M: No. I am a bit nervous when I meet our teacher, Mr Wang.

6. What are they talking about?

W: What else do you plan then?


20. When will the movie finish?

1. Whose schoolbag is the heaviest?


W: Yes, get some apples and some oranges to make juice with.

A. 24.

21. tennis 22. bus23. music



7.How is the kitchen?

W: That’s good. Have you ever done that?

B. 8 years.

2. M: Some soup? It’s delicious when it’s hot.

C. The house


1. M: Lily, your schoolbag is heavier than mine.



A. They are drinking.

M: Do you ever learn it by making flashcards?

ping-pong player of our national team.?


A. By making flashcards.

B. The bedroom




M: Well, we already have lots of oranges.

B. Hard.

W: No need really. Mr Wang is kind to us all.

C. Tell him to go shopping.

TomA student Hobby Now he likes to play (21)________ How to go to school Usually by bike but yesterday by (22)_______ Subject Favorite: (23)____________Poor: English The way to improve English Asking (24)____________ for help Vacation plan Go to Tian’an Men Square and take (25)_______

C. By Subway

C. They are resting.

W: OK, just some apples then.

4. What time does Lucy have to go to bed on Tuesday?

B. By reading the textbook.

5. Why doesn't the girl agree with the boy's idea?

4. M: Lucy, there’s a good movie on Tuesday night. Would you like to go and see it with me?


15. How long has Danny worked?

A. At nine.

C. Because students have to study hard.

16. What does Danny think of his job?

A. Because he wants to play better.

M: How do you learn English, Lisa?

B. His parent.

M: I’m trying to improve my English so that I can make more friends.

14. How old is Danny?

W: Well, it has a nice living room, a large dinning room and three comfortable bedrooms.

Jackie, today is my twelfth birthday. I phoned you but nobody answered the phone. I wanted to invite you to my birthday meal today. I’m going shopping with Amy and Clara this morning. Then we’ll have lunch. Please join us at lunchtime if you can. My birthday meal will be held at McDonald’s near the City Hotel at one o’clock. We’re meeting at the gate of the restaurant at 12:45. We will wait for you for 15 minutes before we go inside. I hope you can come. There will be a lot of friends. We will have our favorite McDonald’s food. Oh, I nearly forget. At 2:30 we’re going to see a movie together. The cinema is near the restaurant. So we won’t have to walk far. The movie will finish at 4:30. I really hope you can join us. It will be a wonderful afternoon.

A. At 2:30 pm.

B. It is nice

W: I hope your dream will come true..


What is the boy going to buy?


B. At ten.

C. At seven.

A. 6 years.



W: I disagree. They are not old enough.

M: Of course. I feel very excited about the Games. I hope to take part in it, so I practice very hard every day.


M: By reading the textbook. But I am not good at English. My parents often ask me to go to our teacher for help.

A. He is friendly.

W: Sorry, I can’t. I have to go to bed at nine.


17-20 BCBB

W: Good morning, Mr Wang. I’m a news reporter from the Youth Sports. Nice to meet you.

24. (his) teachers 25. (some) photos


B. At 4:30 pm.

C. Surprised

B. A ping-pong fan

B. Near a restaurant.

C. By working with a group.

C. Some apples.

10. Why does he practice English?

A. Ask Jackie to cook a meal.

A. In the City Hotel.

W: You know, our city is going to hold an important Olympic Games. Do you have a big plan for it as a

12. Who asks David to go to his teacher for help?

C. Pleasant.

3. What is the weather like when they are talking?


13. How is Mr Wang?


W: Oh, it is quite modern. It has a fridge and electric stove.

W: Yes, Bob. But Ann’s is even heavier.

A. By bus

B. Because students are too young.

B. Some oranges.

B. Bob’s.

Danny is 28 years old. He is my good friend. He has an excellent job at a bank. I couldn’t believe him when he once told me that he had decided to give it up. I tried to make him change his mind, but I failed. “You’d better change your decision,” I said, “you’ve worked there for six years and I’m sure you would have a wonderful future. You might become a bank manager after 10 years.” “I know,” Danny answered, “I liked to work at the bank. It is a pleasant job, and I worked hard. The bank manager told me that my future was excellent.” “Then why do you want to leave?” I asked.

A. Lily’s.

9. How does the man feel?

C. 10 years.

5. M: I think students should be allowed to have part- time jobs.

B. Because he likes it very much.

M: It sounds good. What about the kitchen?



A. Some juice.

W: Oh, yes. It helps me to remember vocabulary. What about you?


11. How does Lisa mainly learn English?

M: I’m going shopping, Mum. Do you need anything?

11-13 CBA 14-16 CAA

B. He is strict.

W: Can I help you?


M: Nice to meet you, too.

A. It is large

Tom studies in the No. 3 Middle School. His English is very poor. He tries his best to improve his English by asking his teacher for help. He used to play football, but now he likes to play tennis. He is outgoing. He never stops talking. His favorite subject is music. He prefers eating brown bread and fish. He often goes to school by bike. But yesterday his bike was broken. So he has to go to school by bus today. It is sunny tomorrow. His family will go to Tian’an Men Square and take some photos there. Do you want to make friends with him? Please call him at 0791-66506778.


C. He is serious.


“Because of the money,” Danny said. “I enjoy counting my own money, but I hate counting other people’s money.”

C. It is modern

M: Yes, would you please tell me something about the house?

C. Because he wants to make more friends.

1~5 CCAAB 6-7 CC8-10 CBC



W: No, thanks. I am full.

W: Yes, and there are many colors.

B. Excited

B. They are eating.

A. Because students are busy.

C. At 5:00 pm.

A. Happy

A. A news reporter

2. What are they doing?

C. Mr Wang.

A. Lisa.


C. At a McDonald’s.


W: Oh, David, I learn English mainly by working with a group.

18. Where are the friends meeting?

19. How will they go to the cinema?


B. Invite Jackie to a party.

17. What does the speaker call Jackie to do?


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